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Some News.

Just Jump from Illuminated Vagabond on Vimeo.
Just Jump won first place for's 2010 Expand Your Horizons video contest.

Toilet Cleaner from Illuminated Vagabond on Vimeo.
What happens when you have to work to survive while traveling? You become a rapping Toilet Cleaner! If you can't laugh at yourself, then who CAN you laugh at?


About Me.

I've been looking at life through the lense for nearly 2 decades now.   Having always had interest and skills in the fine arts, my passion for photography started with formal training at the university level.  From there I spent some time assisting in a commercial studio where I improved technique, and gained insight into client relations.  I then took a brief detour into the IT realm for 5 years during the technology boom (sometimes you just can't turn down a good paycheck and benefits).  But money can only take you so far, and the need for creative expression drove me to seek a new line of work.  After spending six months traveling around Europe and living in London, I found myself back in Connecticut (the money had run out!)-- desperately seeking employment.  I was fortunate to land a position at Motion, Inc., a small film and video production company in Hartford, CT.  I quickly transferred my photography skills to the realm of moving pictures, becoming the Director of Photography and technology guru for the company.

I have recently finished a mission to further develop my skills, and increase my world understanding by spending a year working and traveling around New Zealand.  During this time I have also been co-contributor to, and won an international video competition for my video Just Jump, which illustrates some of the experiences and benefits of spending a year working abroad in New Zealand.  See more video and photos at:

Illuminated Vagabond

I have fallen in love with New Zealand, and am currently seeking full time employment as the first step to residency.  I believe my background has given me a unique skill set; the technology side, which allows me to learn and adapt to new software and technology easily, and the creative side, which drives me to produce the best possible work, be it video, stills or music.

Thank you for taking the time to view my work.

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